My Bold Little Boy.

My son is bold. He is loud. He is energetic. He touchs everything. He is loving. He is always on the move. He can be kind. He can be aggressive. He is strong. He likes to snuggle his mommy. His favorite color is “GEEEN!!!”…..He loves spinach smoothies (because they are green 😉).  He sings in the car. He hums while he eats. He cries when he gets a boo boo. He hugs his sister. He loves to jump in puddles. He is 2.

Being the mother to a strong willed 2 year old boy is challenging but oh so much fun. There are times when others can not handle his boldness. But I refuse to apologize for his loud giggles, roars (because dinosaurs are AWESOME!), excitement, and songs. 

Sharing isn’t the easiest concept for a 2yr old boy to learn…. and sometimes he hits/pushes other children. Obviously when this happens we correct him by talking to him/time outs & try to make him apologize. (I’m not against spanking, but it doesn’t work for my 2yr old.) Because even though he may be as big as a 3-4 yr old child…..he’s still a 2 yr old…. a young 2 yr old. 

It’s so hard when he does get aggressive with other children, because he is so much bigger….and obviously other parents don’t like for their child to be pushed/or hit. Some even feel the need to yell at or attempt to correct him. Or tell me how to do so. Thanks so much. I haven’t thought of telling him “NO” or time out (or my personal favorite “teaching him not to be a little A**hole”. Yea that happened within the past 48 hrs 🙄 )  Of course I don’t want him to hit your child. No it’s not ok behavior. But again, he’s 2! We’re working on it! How about a little grace people? 

Sometimes I feel unwelcome places because of his intense personality. He is constantly sshhhed. Or I hear comments of “wow he sure is wild”, “he’s such a tank”, “you sure have your hands full”, “bet you’re done having kids after him!”. I can get slightly embarrassed, or feel the need to apologize. 

But you know what…. tonight I realized I am so thankful for his Boldness and his wildness. He explores! He gets excited about new things! He loves to play! He loves to sing and dance! Everything is funny to him! He is adventurous! He knows what he wants! He doesn’t want to sleep, because he doesn’t want to miss anything! He is curious & oh so smart because of it. He is wildly independent & strong willed.  He LOVES life. He feels ALL his emotions out loud.  And while at times it would be easier to have a more mild mannered child….. THAT IS NOT WHO GOD CREATED HIM TO BE! He is exactly what I prayed for. All of these things are what I pray he carries into manhood. I pray God uses his boldness for His glory, that my son continues to be amazed by all of the things around him, and his life is always full of adventure and joy. 

Sorry if he’s too much for you to handle, but I refuse to squander his spirit. 

“You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.”

‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭2:1‬ ‭NIV‬‬

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